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AUTUMN FALLS 2013 10.07.2013

First names for Autumn Falls 2013 will be announced on monday the 15th of july!

Autumn Falls 2012 is over! 03.12.2012

Autumn Falls 2012 is officially over! We want to THANK the bands who played, THANK the people at the different venues for being such great hosts and most of all THANK you, the audience, for being there with us every night!



Alec Empire has to cancel his Magasin 4 performance... 30.11.2012

Sorry to announce that Alec Empire will have to cancel his performance tomorrow at Magasin 4 due sickness. Dj Skull Vomit (US/ one half of Eustachian) + MERS are added to the line-up as replacement. Tickets at the doors: 10€


Otto Von Schirach is still playing!


If you bought a ticket in presale through FNAC and you don't want to go anymore to the show, you have the chance to return your ticket till next wednesday through FNAC.

No refund at Magasin 4.

Why Lumerians couldn't play Magasin 4... 29.11.2012

We're very sorry that Lumerians had to cancel their Magasin 4 show... It was out of our and the bands control.
An accident at the eurotunnel caused a 5 hour delay in their journey to brussels. Up to 8 pm everyone involved hoped they would still would make it in time. Everything was arranged with The Soft Moon to share some parts of the backline. In the end the band arrived at 8.30pm, which was too late to play their show due to the strict 10 pm curfew at Magasin 4.

Day 3 of Autumn Falls: Lower Dens and KTAOABC 28.11.2012

We already had two beautiful days at atelier 210! Tonight Lower Dens and Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat at the AB, on the website you can find the entire program!

More sold out Autumn Falls shows! 28.11.2012

These shows are now also sold out: Friday @ Atelier 210 with Ty Segall and White Fence and Saturday @ Ancienne Belgique with Clinic, DIIV, BRNS, WHY? and Deerhoof.

Still a limited amount of tickets left for the other shows! All ticket info is available on this website.

Hundred Waters live at Duyster Stubru 27.11.2012

Hundred Waters live at duyster, a preview of their show in Madame Moustache in Brussels this thursday!

DIIV takeaway session 27.11.2012

DIIV played 'Home' in an intimate acoustic set at a Parisian café during Pitchfork Festival. Here's the video!

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