Ancienne Belgique
Atelier 210
Atelier 210
co-prod Heartbreaktunes
Ty Segallusa

22:10 - 23:10 | Ty Segall has amassed a bulky output over the past years, both solo and with other bands. 'Slaughterhouse' is however the first release that was recorded with his touring musicians. His typical psych-pop is still as palatable as ever, while the band makes the album as adamant as their live performances.

White Fenceusa

21:00 - 21:50 | Tim Presley has played in dirtied-up psychedelic pop groups such as Darker My Love and The Strange Boys, and now lets his idiosyncrasy loose on his new project White Fence. His talent for bizarre songs is all over his albums, and the intentionally shoddy sound quality with silly musical details bring Syd Barrett to mind, or Los Angeles garage punk from the 80s. What is most surprising are the unexpected earworms that are crawling all through his work.

The Feeling Of Lovefr

20:00 - 21:00 | Born in a Metz's bunker during the 2006 summer, The Feeling of Love is at first the solo project of G.Marietta (A.H. Kraken's guitarist and singer, In the red records). Ephemeral idea that initially couldn't have gone further than a few short songs, belched and recorded for the tape label Luisance Sonore. The postulate was to play on the garage blues and no-wave's codes in order to find a primitive, repetitive and minimal idea of rock'n'roll. Finally, after 2 years playing gigs in Europe, and a few 7" out (Yakisakana, Floridas Dying, Rococo records, etc.), the "one man band" mutates: from a one-piece to a two-pieces, the Feeling of Love is more generally a three-pieces band, with Seb Normal (the Normals, Crash Normal,etc.) on drums, and s. (A.H.Kraken, Vingt Mille Punks) on keyboards.

"Petite tu es un hit" on Yakisakana and "Ok judge " on Kill Shaman records. On the latter, the blues and his repetitive gimmicks that were the driving force to reach a trance state are being perverted by krautrock and psychedelism.

A year after, the band carries on with the "kraut space garage" vein on his third album, "Dissolve Me" on Born Bad records for Europe and Kill Shaman for the US (june 2011). Songs stretch out, the drums go more tribal, the synth hammers out his keys on an infinite highway, and the guitar gets lost in delay pedal's fog. Lyrics are still that much negative.

From the begining, the band has played around Europe and in the United States, with such bands as Thee Oh Sees, Girls, Ty Segall, Cheveu, Intelligence, Davilla 666...